Phorcys Suite

The son of Oceanus and Tethys

Suite Size : 55 sqm ( For 4 Persons )



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Phorcys Suite

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With the utmost respect for tradition, this suite is the one most reminiscent of the glorious past. It is the largest suite and it is filled with echoes of the dining room it once was, in which dazzling banquets were held during the interwar period. With a taste of a past seafaring greatness, the air of nobility typical of a true neoclassical building and a breathtaking view of the castle and the sea, visitors are not simply choosing a place to stay; they are further immersed in the local history and culture. A special point of reference is the part of the ceiling – wall mural that survived the WWII bombardment and was properly maintained during the restoration process.

This suite consists of two areas and may accommodate up to four persons. There is a king size bed in the master bedroom and a big sofa – bed in the other area.

More details : 55 sqm

Tip & Hint : All our beds are King Size

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My name is Phorcys, son of Oceanus and Tethys. I am a deity with the appearance of an old man and associated with the movement of water…

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