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Standing on a privileged location, on the most elevated and precipitous edge of the rock, one has the feeling of travelling through both waves and time.

An old fortified tower, built during the era of Venetian occupation, ensures full oversight of the peninsula and the gulf and creates a feeling of anticipation for an impending pirate attack.

Luxurious hand-made signature furniture by N. Haritos, hand-made mattresses by HYPNOS brand, artwork that resonates the seafaring tradition of Andros and atmospheric lighting; all these elements are combined in an idyllic scenery, ready to satisfy even the most demanding taste.

The premium side of Andros

With comforts that exceed expectations, the suites promise to offer travelers an experience of total relaxation, with sounds and hues of the sea rarely felt in such depth before.

Our Suites
Phorcys Suite

My name is Phorcys, son of Oceanus and Tethys. I am a deity with the appearance of an old man and associated with the movement of water...

Leucothea Suite

My name is Leucothea or Ino, daughter of the King of Thebes Cadmus and Harmonia. I am the deity of the foaming waves and tides and I help seamen at times of raging storms.

Ceto Suite

My name is Ceto, daughter of Pontus and Gaia. I represent the sea and its perils and I’m often associated with the large cetaceans inhabiting it...


My name is Odysseus, son of Laertes and Anticlea, renowned hero of the Trojan War. They call me resourceful and I am familiar with the ways of the sea as no other mortal is.


Driven by my love for the island, and particularly the old town area (Chora), where I spent my childhood and school years, in combination with my affection of education and civilization, my area of professional activity, I came up with the concept of Camara Suites.

Andros is a place of civilization and history. This is evident on first sight of Chora and its architectural masterpieces. Having been fortunate enough to have been raised in, and assimilate, such a cultural environment, I strongly felt the need to preserve and share these “treasures” with others.

Camara Suites is a personal vision, aiming to make use of and showcase this cultural wealth, which constitutes an authentic experience for guests and guarantees a unique choice of accommodation.


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Traditional Breakfast

In our effort to stay true to the authentic experiences of the island and the creations/ of the women of Andros in the past decades, our breakfast naturally follows faithfully/precisely the character and handmade taste of those women’s recipes.

As soon as the guests arrive, they are offered seasonal fruit marmelade (preserve), selected quality honey, exceptional cheese, and handmade rusks along with a basket of bakery wares made in traditional bakeries, prepared and offerred on a daily basis.


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