Odysseus Suite

The Son of Laertes and Anticlea, renowned hero of the Trojan War.

Suite Size : 45 sqm Balcony : 50 sqm ( For 5 Persons )



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Odysseus Suite

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Situated at the most advantageous, upper part of the mansion, including its attic, this suite stands out due to its particular character. With the most prominent feature of the room being its unique roof support system, also called “mana” (“mother”), visitors are astounded and gradually begin to comprehend the manner in which local craftsmen supported house roofs at the beginning of the previous century. With cypress woodwork, dated from the mid-1920s, woven across house levels and impeccably combined with the old stone walls, with a flawless arrangement in three levels and an amazing terrace overlooking the castle and the lighthouse, this experience will be one to remember.

The suite is designed on three levels and may accommodate up to five persons. The master bedroom has a king size bed and is separated from the sitting room which has a two-seat sofa bed. There is also a built-in sofa with a specially designed mattress to accommodate one more person in the dining room.

More details : 45 sqm

Balcony : 50 sqm

Tip & Hint : All our beds are King Size

The premium side of Andros

My name is Odysseus, son of Laertes and Anticlea, renowned hero of the Trojan War. They call me resourceful and I am familiar with the ways of the sea as no other mortal is

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